To The
       V A L L E Y
                             of Decision
"While you sleep,
the lines are forming."
Are You Ready?
By Randy Cornejo
In The

                             of Decision
This process of temporal growth and separation is now reaching its climax into eternal destiny. Life on a global, national, community, family and personal level is reaching fruition exactly as the scripture was written.  Through the cracks in the walls we are seeing the seed that has been sown break through and testify of its origin. There are some for eternal glory and some for eternal shame. As the Apostle Peter warned, many say “Where is the promise of His coming?” I am now saying, “Where isn’t it?” Every scripture on eschatology is now piercing our current events on every level as we have never seen before. The birth pains of a new global order and a new global society bleed from every nation in our world.

Where is the United States in the Bible and in the global scenery? It is sobering to realize that we have fallen from “one nation under God’ to a nation under the judgment of God.

Armageddon will be the final hour of decision on earth when the forces of evil will have the consent to give humanity its final retribution. God in the end intervenes and stops humanity from destroying itself, but finally mankind must learn that rejecting God's way of life, as so clearly and repeatedly spelled out in His Word, has its price. Rebellion against God leads man to the abyss; to Armageddon. The Lion of Judah will soon return to judge the earth for its rebellion and rejection of salvation. He is dressed for battle against those that have come against Jerusalem and His people. God grieves that many will perish because of the hardness of their hearts.